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oh noes

So.... you know that post from yesterday? Sam's, about veganism? Last night I was at the Empire having the evermoredelicious calamari salad, and I started talking my way through the vegan thing. Why am I not vegan? I mean, aside from:

Not the actual Empire calamari salad, but a mediocre photographic imitation.


Mmm. Cheese.

and of course

Most likely NOT a vegan cupcake.

Other than those, why am I not a vegan?

Apparently because:

a) I'm lazy and being vegan is hard.

b) I'm too much of a pansy to look into the reasons FOR veganism, just in case they make it impossible for me to happily enjoy the above.

Or at least I was too much of a pansy until this morning. Once I'd acknowledged to myself that pansiness was seriously one of my reasons, I had to smack myself around a little bit and do a small amount of googling. You know, just to see what I wasn't seeing about animal treatment etc.

Um. It's not good. I actually got a little teary here in my office.

When the boy and I were discussing it over calamari (imagine me making those Homer Simpson drooling noises every time I write the world calamari, k?) I tried to explain to him why I was afraid of this very phenomenon. I tried to draw a correlation to something he would become passionate about, which turned out to be exploitation of the lil people by corporations and monopolies. I said 'let's pretend you put a few hours of research into the phenomenon and found out the actual brutal details of people losing their houses (or whatever) to the big bad wolf'. He said that while knowing that would make him cranky, it likely wouldn't cause him to become an activist - and that's where my correlation fell apart. I'm not talking about activism when I talk about what being vegan would mean to me. I'm talking about ignoring something that matters to me more than most people (animals) because I'm too gosh darn lazy and fond of cheese and butter to stop myself from noshing on them.

Sigh. I was afraid this would happen. I may have to become vegan.

Good thing I have this cookbook:

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