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I cannot believe I have not written about this yet. So awhile ago (ok, January 2007 so kind of a long time ago) I posted about how a couple of major fashion cities were setting a lower limit on the BMI a model could have. If your BMI was under 18, no runway for you. However, London and New York were not interested. How far we've come.

Witness, my sisters, and rejoice. And then go eat some cake. Oh wait, I've been vegan for two and a half days. Ok - you go eat cake, I'll go eat vegan cake.

Lizzie Miller, prominently featured on page 194 of the September issue of Glamour.

Kate Dillion, one of several plus sized models who will be featured in the October issue of Glamour.

Ashley Graham, who will also be in Novembers Glamour.

As much as I would love to continue posting images of beautiful women with bigger boobs than me (yes, my breast obsession is coming back - blame Mad Men), I can't because I don't have a full list. As I understand it, though, there will be at least three or four plus size models in addition to the ones I've shown above.

There are a couple of key points here. First, yes, I am aware that some of these women are an 8 or a 10 and that is not plus size in the real world. I'm being optimistic, ok? Seeing more body types may start to mean loving more body types - if our medias definition of what's beautiful is starting to widen I say two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Second, the reason that Glamour is being so trailblazing about this is because of the GREAT reaction they got to Miss Lizzie Miller, the first woman pictured above. Her little belly pouch and happy smile got Glamour more fan mail than they've received regarding any other single picture ever.

We are not a nation of 6', 125 lb women, and apparently our print media is starting to take notice. At least a little bit of it. Yay.

Runways are also making a teensy bit of progress, although not everyone is a fan. When Mark Fast, a designer, opted to use size 14 models in his show at London fashion week his designer and stylist quit. Seriously. He used the women anyway and they looked fab, so I seriously hope that designer and stylist are currently kicking themselves. Brats.

Anyway - it makes me sad when everything in the world seems to be trying to indicate that some kind of person is not good enough. I think this helps. Yay.

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