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crimson and clover, over and over

I know you've all been dying to find out what's happening with Kristie (i.e. my repetitive facebook friend). Well, either she doesn't read my blog, or she doesn't care. I'm not really leaning either way, because it turns out I'm not the only person who has noticed her literal leanings. Witness:

krista two

krista oneSee? This Jennifer girl is with me! Sort of, anyway.

Neither one of us seem to have had an impact though. Today's updates:

Took Nana to the doctor, got Quinn sonic for dinner, and ate food from my nana for dinner. YUM YUM

Leavin in a little bit to take my Grandma to her Dr.s appt. Then I need to go to the store. Then I'm coming home and gonna clean or something. Who knows?

I really should eat something. I haven't had anything since like noon. I just don't know what to make for myself. But don't worry, I did feed Quinn, exactly what she requested too, Spongebob mac and cheese.

Just doing a whole lot of nothing at home. I think I'm gonna get either a puggle or a pug.

I think I'll actually be quite disappointed if she stops. I hope she's doing it on purpose - and not just because if she's not I'm clearly kind of a bitch who is headed to the purgatory reserved for those who mock their childhood friends. I hope she's doing it on purpose because I like the idea of her sitting at her computer thinking "Sure, Emma thinks that 'Emma is blinding you with science' is funny. But soon, everyone will appreciate the cumulative irony of what I'm doing, and Emma will be eclipsed! Mwaah ahh ahh." (That's an evil laugh, not a kiss noise. Just making sure everyone is aware.)

i've been waiting for this moment all my life

thoughts while watching Delicatessen