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My friend Emily had a GREAT idea. She and I and a few of our other friends met like four years ago. Through Craigslist. Emily wanted to start a bookclub that was not made up of women in their fifties who'd known each other since cheer squad. We started with close to 20 members, I think, and eventually whittled ourselves down to a core group of awesomeness. We've spread out since (north, south, and in one case all the way to Seattle) and don't actually meet anymore. Until now. Ok - this isn't techinically a book club, it's more of a blog, but it's one in which we can and will review books for each others benefit.

Em was going to put it together, I think - we talked about it Monday night at a birthday party and I sort of lost track. However, Emily has a real job (by which I mean she does not spend all day staring at a computer screen). She's a librarian for a big ol library and has to actually, ya know, talk to people and stuff. I have no such constraints, and I just finished a book that I really wanted to write about, so I jumped on in.

If Em had something else in mind this link may soon be unapplicable, but for now the site is The Last Count of Tequila. Go. Read. Love.

P.S. Wondering about the name? Me too. I think it's based on the first word of the title of our favorite books, in the order we were sitting around the table. I clearly misunderstood, because my contribution was 'last', which is the first WORD of Rebecca, which is not my favorite book. Oh well.  The was from Brianna and I have no idea what book she was referencing. Count was from Les, and is referring to 'of Monte Cristo'. Of was Em's, as I recall, and again I have no idea what book it's from. Of Mice and Men maybe? That would be appropriately literary. And Katie's contribution was ... To Kill a Mockingbird. That's where we went with that. You're welcome.

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Just something that the east coast does to me, makes me forget who I am