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Where on earth have I been?? Firstly) I have been thinking up ideas for awesome blog posts. For example, a list of all of the sayings that piss me off. A prime example:

Keep it real.

Really? What does that mean, seriously? Are you talking about real as in REALITY? Cause if you know how to NOT be a part of reality, that's a skill I would hone, my friend. And if you're talking about just not bein a poser n stuff dude ya know, then you are the kind of person I want to really punch in the face.

Secondly) I have been buying this:

Because I needed it.

Because the one I had didnt fit with the new washer (literally didnt fit, not metaphorically).

And..... this.

Because I truly truly needed it more than I need my blood or ... my hair or... something else pretty crucial.

Thirdly) I have been obsessing with interviewing for a new job.

Fourthly) Um... I don't know, I actually think that's sort of it. But that seems like enough. Anyway, regular blogging to resume post haste. Sadly, I didn't write down any of the awesome ideas I mentioned in Firstly, above, but I'm sure some of them will come back to me.

Oh, fifthly) I have been watching Season 9 of CSI. I like Morpheus in this role, seriously.

OH and sixthly) I have been breaking my heart trying to decide between going to see fun. and going to see the Killers. In town the same night. How does something like that even HAPPEN?

Nate, from fun.

Brandon, from the Killers.

Please, please. Don't make me choose.

I'm not inclined to resign to maturity

Thoughts while watching 'Space Buddies' (Alt. title: Doggie Style)