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I just joined this project to track my happiness. Originally enough, it's called It's designed for iPhones and it texts and emails me a few times a day, requesting that I take a survey. The survey generally has questions like: How happy are you right now? (Sliding scale, I don't have to pick 0-10 or anything. I dig it.)

Do you want to do what you're doing?

Do you have to do what you're doing?

How many things are you doing right now?

What time did you go to bed? What time did you wake up? Who are you with? How many people are you with? Are you inside or outside? Are you being productive? Etc. Etc.

The questions are slightly different every time, and in theory, once I've answered 50 of the surveys, I will get a complete report on my happiness.

That being said, I started a couple of days ago and have been pretty much nonstop cranky since I took the first one. I'm puuurrddy sure that the quizzes aren't actually bringing me down, but I spose it's possible. I decided to check in early, which I guess I'm not supposed to do, and here's what I found out. Happiness is mostly shown on the vertical axis - zero being a ten hour day full of meetings and uncomfortable shoes, and 100 being a 16 hour days full of puppies and picnics.

Hm. I was happier yesterday than today (coulda told you that) and also than Monday. Wow. Fascinating stuff so far.

Doing things I want to do makes me happier than doing things I have to do. The insight here is startling.

Ok, I'm going to cut back on the snarky comments - this is probably why they didn't want me looking when I was only 14% done. Anyway.


Double huh.

Productivity on the bottom axis. Apparently a) I'm never more than 40% productive and b) being non-productive thrills me to no end. I'm awesome. I deserve a raise.

Were I to write myself a mantra based on what I've learned so far, it would likely be...

I, Emma, will spend more time alone, less time being productive, less time talking to my boyfriend and coworkers, and more time doing what I want. Also, I will attempt to have more Tuesdays, if possible.

If that's too long, I could just replace it with "I'm a bitch who likes Tuesdays".


*I just went an checked my stats. This is my 117th post. That's always been one of my favorite numbers, so right now I'm feeling a little happier. Damn it, where is a quiz when I need one?

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