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olly olly oxen free, can you see me

Apparently that comes from the German "alle, alle auch sind frei", which means 'everyone is free'. Did you know that? Did you care? Yeah, me neither. The only reason I know is because I googled it to find out if there was an acceptable spelling. Yep, that's how exciting my day has been. I've mostly surfed the internet between speaking with panicked sales people and researching the difference between Layer 2 and Layer 3 for a possible-sort-of-pre-job interview on Monday morning. Why on earth would I want a new job if my current one is THIS THRILLING, right? <sigh>

You know what IS making this a good day though?

The pure hilarity that is this. I know, he's my brother, but if he weren't I would still find this the funniest thing I've read since the infamous Whole-Chicken-in-a-Can article of last week.

Also - there's this:

I think its unnecessary to explain where I fall in this diagram. (Humming take me .... owww-OOOWWWTT tonight as I type.)

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P.P.S. I write the email address like that because I heard from other bloggers that there are these creepy little internet robot thingies that will email you if you publish the address in a format they can read. Because I'm desperately afraid of internet robots and also still do not know if they're considered Layer 2 or Layer 3, I'm going to try and avoid them for as long as possible.

thoughts while watching An American Haunting

as cool as I am I thought you'd know this already