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bringing sexy back

This is the last year I'll be eligible to audition for American Idol. Next year I will be a very shocking 29 years old, and that is clearly MUCH too old to be an idol for the average person who still cares about the show. I'm not really sure who those people are, across the board, but apparently since I'm still 28 there is a chance they'll still care about me. I'm 87% sure that I'm going to audition. I have a song picked out (Let Him Fly, Dixie Chicks) and a backup song picked out (Rejazz, Regina Spektor). I have no idea what I'm going to wear, which may be a problem.

I thought about wearing one pink glove. I like pink, there's an MJ reference, etc. But this chick beat me to it:

Of course, MJ isn't the only cultural phenomenon that would make me memorable. Unfortunately, these two already covered the other ones I could think of:

I could also go the bikini route, but since that sorta raised Kara Dioguardi's hackles last time someone tried it, I think I'll pass. no.

Maybe, just thinkin, I'll just be myself. Jeans? A skirt? A teeny tiny skirt? I am kind of a teeny tiny skirt girl.

I'm going to do it. Whats the worst that could happen? The very worst would be: I get mocked and they put the mocking on TV, then I get fired for taking the day off to audition.  I'm going to tell my boss that's why I'm taking the day off, but maybe after I was mocked he'd decide I was no longer a good addition to the team.

Best that could happen is pretty obvious. The most likely outcome - I'll have a pretty good time, I'll do ok and may even get to see Randy and Paula and the jackass, and I'll go back to work on Weds with some fun stories. Also, I'll post some pictures during the process, especially if I see someone dressed in a Star Trek outfit. Promise.


The DB was going to be my +1, but since he's a family man now he can't come with me. Anyone else feel like standing in line for hours and hours and hours on Sunday and on Tuesday?

thoughts while watching Event Horizon

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