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pick me up love, from the bottom

I realize that I have dedicated an entire post to this topic already. AND I realize that I haven't posted in a long time, so a repeat is sort of a waste of time and space.... but. WHY do people lie? Really?

Witness: Earlier today Frank* came into my office to essentially tell me that he's accidentally stealing key parts of my job. During that conversation, he mentioned several things that other folks had said to him while I was on vacay. Since then, those folks have, in the course of normal conversation, refuted that story. What is the point, exactly? Really? They weren't lies that made him look good. They weren't lies that protected me from pain, or prevented me from learning something that I shouldn't know. As far as I can tell, they were for kicks.

Why this picture? Because I love Kinsey Millhone, Sue Grafton's returning heroine. I love her and she's a big fat liar.

Witness: "I sometimes lie just to keep my hand in."

What is the point of this blither blather, you're currently asking yourself. No point, really - except that I like fictional liars and get kind of grouchy with liars in real life. Grr.

on the night in question, I took a record from your record collection

and oh how she rocks, in Keds and tube socks