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on the night in question, I took a record from your record collection

I'm feeling awed. Awed, as in damn that girl is awesome. So you may or may not have noticed that I blog inconsistently about what's actually happening in my real, actual life. I tend to be more prone to tales of travels, crappy movies, and lying coworkers. For example, the DB popped up several months ago with very little back story, even though he's actually my favorite thing ever.

I'm not sure why I don't post about that stuff more. I think a) I'm not sure it's particularly interesting and b) as ridiculous as this statement seems, I'm actually sort of a private person. No, really. No, for real.

BUT - I just discovered my new favorite person. Erin Denver. Somebody I know actually knows her and sent me the link to her blog this afternoon. While I am of course work-work-working, preparing for the Emerging Leaders interview, and thinking about Sweet Thing - I somehow managed to read several pages of her hilarity.

Witness: 'I have been in the city for less than an hour and I'm already saddled with bags from H&M and MANGO while wildly staring at a seriously overpriced headband from Anthropologie that I would buy even if it was made from nothing but the finger nails of children. Suffering children. This thought seriously runs through my mind as I model it in front of a mirror, for myself, and then think, briefly, "simmer down psycho" while ignoring the squealing uncle sound coming from my purse, which is nothing more than the tortured groans of my bank card."

Witness: "I do want to go back to his place; I do not want to have sex. I want to get close enough to smell his breath, but not close enough to need to worry about a geriatric pregnancy. This is because, I'm not ready to be involved with anyone else and part of this is, because, I'm not fully ready to give up on the Biscuit yet." (I'm not sure who or what the Biscuit is. At first I thought it was a strange reference to having sex, but now I'm pretty sure it's an ex-boyfriend. Either way, ha.)

I love myself very much. My mental image of myself is sorta like this (as the DB and I actually discussed this morning, for reasons that have become foggy in the haze of work-work-working):

But Erin Denver, in all her awesomeness, has awed me. Erin, I bow to your hilarity and your willingness to share your daily adventures.

As part of my happiness project, I hereby vow to be a little more like you.

I shall start tomorrow with the story of how I almost died on Sunday night, and forced the DB to have a relationship talk with me while I was doing it. Yep, superwoman. That's me.

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