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I sprained my damn wrist and I feel like writing a long blog even though it hurts to type. If this stops halfway through, assume I'm in a corner somewhere popping advil and crying, ok? Did you hear about Hajnal Ban? She is a local councilwoman in Somewhere, Australia.

She is a lawyer and a successful politician. Clearly, she's beautiful. Also, she's 5'4". Know why she's five four? Well, funny you should ask.

When she was 23, she had her legs broken and stretched 3 inches over the course of nine months. She was half an inch taller than me when she started, and now she's half an inch shorter than the average Australian woman.

When asked why she opted to do it, she said "A lot of young females have insecurities about their weight or their nose; mine was my height." She paid $40,000 to have the surgery done, in Russia.

I would like to say to each her own and move on from this story, but I'm having a hard time doing so. I can't imagine that height is more important in Australia than it is here - the land of America's Next Top Model - so her level of mocking in school was probably roughly equivalent to mine.

Also, I'm not a lawyer, and she is. However, I have had several careers in male dominated fields, so I know a little bit about trying not only to overcome being female, but simultaneously overcoming being a 'little girl'.

And yes, she's pretty, and I'm aware that a lot of the time that doesn't help as much as you'd think.

I guess what's bugging me is that she's essentially asking us to believe that being shorter than average undermined her ability to garner respect, more than anything else about her. Why else would she have gone through nine months of (in her words) "incredibly painful" operations for 3 little inches?

She was teased when she was in school. So, I'm sure, were the overweight children and the kids with gigantic noses and the kids with curly hair and the skinny children and the kids with accents and the kids with big feet and the tall children.

Can all of these things be 'fixed'? Yeah, through plastic surgery or whatever. But should they be?  She got her three inches, and you know what? She lost the National Party election two years ago. Maybe she should dye her hair - then she'd look even less like me. Good riddance.

Later note in other height related news: Being tall is not a handicap either. Shocking.

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