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Guess what? You'll never guess. No, go ahead and guess. Ok, I'll tell you. I ran a half marathon this weekend! Whoop whoop. It was awesome. I'm not great at writing scintillating race reports, so I won't bore you with one. Just rest assured, it was super slick. Both figuratively and literally, as it rained for about half of the race.

Annyyyway, I'm now back at work and about to go on vacay yet again. This is my first vacation since I started at my current company where I'll take more than one day off at a time (at least that I recall).  I haven't quite decided what I'll do with my SIX DAYS off of work (ahhh!!!) but I have lots of ideas. And am currently a super happy girl.

1) Drive down to southern CO and see the Granada Japanese Internment Camp. I've been peripherally aware of the internment camps of WWII for awhile, but I recently read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and now have a whole new interest in what is likely one of the crappiest things America has ever done. Boo America. I mean, America, I do love you, but that was not cool, America.

Side note: people who think you have to read non-fiction to learn don't know what they're missing.

2) Drive to the Grand Canyon. I've never actually even seen the damn thing, and it's only 500 miles away.

3) Go to Vegas and marry a stranger. It's always been on my list of things to do. Hmm - the DB might want to come with me to supervise, if I do end up in Vegas.

4) Spend all weekend planning the grand physical launch of sweet thing bakeshop.

5) Write spec articles for The Onion.  Post them on my blog when they turn out to be not damn funny enough for that great publication but plenty funny enough for here.

6) Go to New York City. Again, never been there. And with my current Just After Sunset obsession, New York is high in my conciousness. Plus, I could stay in a pod hotel. I don't know what that is, but it sounds shipshape.

7) Work on my damn novel that is getting nowhere at roughly the speed of sound.

I'm sure there are more, but all of a sudden six days doesn't seem like enough!! Whatever will I do? Oh well. Thinking about the end of vacation before it even starts is just plain ridiculous. <wipes hands on shirt, metaphorically wiping away those thoughts>.


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