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I don't read Seth's Blog, but several other blogs that I do read pointed to it today. Why? Because he has a new post called Can You Change Everything? It then, in very emmanation style, proceeds to list 45 ways that you can, in fact, change everything. Lots of the ways are business related and therefore boring, although some are cool. For example:

  • Let the most junior person in the organization run things for a day
  • Have all meetings in a room with no chairs, and everyone wears a bathrobe over their clothes
  • Open your offices only four hours a day

I could totally get into it if my company wanted to do these. I'm not the most junior person in the organization, thankfully.... I can't think who would be but I think we could likely benefit from some new ideas, even dumb ones. Plus, bathrobes and half work days? Hello, Mr. CEO, are you listening?

Some are not business related but are boring, and obviously there's no reason for me to reprint those. Some are not business related and are thought provoking:

  • Give your most valuable possessions to a stranger
  • Quit your job
  • While looking for a job, spend 40 hours a week volunteering and freelancing for good causes

See? This would certainly change everything. I'm not sure how long I could keep it up, but it would certainly be a brand new life. Of course, my most valuable possessions are my girls (unless of course you consider me their guardian, Boulder County style) and I'll give them up when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. I could give away some books n stuff though, would that count? Course, I might feel differently about my girls when I stop being able to feed them because I don't have a job and they attack and eat me.

Annnyyyway, Seth also suggests becoming a vegan, moving to Thailand, and taking a walk during lunch. I wonder if it's tough being a vegan in Thailand.

To Seth's list I would like to add:

  • Go back to school for something awesome (MBAs do not count, foreign languages, art, and nifty sciences do)
  • Apply for a job with a three letter agency
  • Travel across the country by train (I just looked this up and it doesn't look like it's officially doable. That will mean riding the rails - even better)
  • Fall in love. If you're already with someone, do it again
  • Get a dog (if you already have one, get another. If you already have two, get a parakeet)

That's all I got, loves. Change your life, or not, as you see fit.


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