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The tiniestsprinter seems to have luck with these brain dump posts he's been doing lately. And as I may have mentioned once or twice before, I am nothing if not a follower. Here goes.

Just looking at this gives me vertigo.

This, however, is awesome.


I hate this fucking comic, and I read it almost every day. Im always somehow hoping that it will stop being the misogynistic unfunny mess that it has been for the last 52 years. No luck so far.


I  bought an ice cream machine yesterday. Well, ordered it on Amazon, so I'll have it sometime in the next two weeks.  I'm already making plans for flavors. I wanted one of the compression ones (i.e. the freezer is in the machine, rather than you having to freeze the bowl ahead of time) but couldn't justify the expense. Even after two beers, which is usually when ordering a $250 ice cream machine sounds like the PERFECT idea.  First flavors:

  • Vegan coconut lime
  • Caramel mint
  • Lavender
  • Nutella


Mary Scrimgeour rocks. I saw her at the 29th Street Art Festival this last weekend and I luv her.


The DB comes back from Sweden tomorrow - whoohooo. Here's what my buddy at work (the original 'you should be worried cause Swedish chicks are way hotter than you' contributor) had to say on the subject:

1:51 pm so did your db say he missed you or did he sound a like....swedish girls may be a lil bit more his style than Italian

Here's what I had to say back:

1:52 pm LOL

1:52 pm you are such an ass

Cause he is.


The tiniestsprinter and I are starting a movie club. We're totally ripping the idea off from final girl, but that's what the internet is about, man. First review is due 5/31. If you're a blogger who just happens to be reading this and you'd also like to review this movie, DO IT. Just send me or the tiniestsprinter a link to your blog when you're done.

I got to pick the first movie, and Sam will get to pick the next. Drumroll pleez.... (I've started spelling pleez this way and it makes me want to shake myself and say 'why?? why??' but I haven't stopped yet)....

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!! Sam and I have seen this movie like a billion times. Ok, maybe not a billion - lets say fewer times than Tremors and Ghostbusters but more times than Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. However, in my infinite wisdom, I'm pretty sure we can come up with some hilarious shit to say about it.

Also, Luke Perry and David Arquette, both young and ummy. This part is more for me than for Sam.



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