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Best Easter ever. Cept, you know, not really. Cause of all the blood n stuff.

My mother lives in the moutains and has two crazy dogs. When she is out of town, there are very few people who are willing to take care of those dogs.... cept me, since I have crazy dogs of my own.

This weekend she was out of town being a kickass cyclist woman:

Thats her on the right. Tiny and adorable just like her children.

So I was the official dogsitter.  Which went fine. Until Sunday morning.

I should mention that she has a trampoline. She and I put it together ourselves over a decade ago - it's a big rectangular one with no safety accessories at all. Nets? Pads? Not for these women.  On Friday afternoon I started dusting off my slightly rusty (rusty and dusty?) jumping skills, and after a few minutes had remembered the joy of backflips.  I didn't actually land on my feet once, but I made landing on your hands and knees look cool, man.

Sooooo Sunday morning my guy joined me for some Easter breakfast. I of course felt it necessary to show off my moves. In my defense, I hadn't run for two days and I was feeling a little restless.  I hit the trampoline and he stayed inside like a wise adult male. Until I started waving and making faces and begging for his company.

All I can say is that the man can flip. It was a great flip! He landed on his feet, which I am (as I mentioned above) currently incapable of.

Sadly, his feet didn't stay where they were put.  He hit the edge with his forehead, and I am not writer enough to explain how fast and voluminous the blood flow was. You can be told a million times that there are a lot of blood vessels in the face, looks worse than it is, blah blah blah, but remembering that when your beau is bleeding out on your childhood trampoline is another thing all together.  Trust me. I was pretty sure he was dead, which would have made me an exceptionally sad chica.  He wasn't, obviously.

Turns out Easter is not the busiest day in the ER, which was convenient for us. And that they don't mind you taking pictures - which was convenient for me :).


Happy Easter! (You can understand why the post is a day late, right?)

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