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Have you guys seen this? The Art of Manliness is my new favorite place to work on my 'laugh out loud' goal (which I'm doing exceptionally well on, btw). I'm adding it to my blogroll as soon as I finish this post, so you'll always know where to find it. I have already learned so much!  Check it out:

  • I now know how whisky is made, as well as how to drink it and what kind to buy. AND lest you think I just misspelled whisky - I didn't.  Apparently only losers (i.e. Americans and the Irish) spell it with an e.  There's a poem about it and everything.

A Scotsman who spells Whisky with a n ‘e’, should be hand cuffed and thrown head first in the Dee,

In the USA and Ireland, it’s spelt with an ‘e’ but in Scotland it’s real ‘Whisky’.

So if you see Whisky and it has an ‘e’, only take it, if you get it for free!

For the name is not the same and it never will be, a dram is only a real dram, from a bottle of ‘Scotch Whisky’.

  • I could dress like someone from Bonnie and Clyde for under $20! Ok, more Clyde than Bonnie, which isn't really my thing. I could dress up someone ELSE like Clyde for under $20! Heeheehee - evil plans brewing.

  • I learned how to become a private investigator. My loyal readers (to you I say MUAH) know that I have a whole other post on this topic and why I would be awesome at it. This article just confirms it. I would still in no way be manly, though.
  • I could buy a motorcycle with the best of em. Of course, if I bought anything larger than a 250cc I would likely fall over at a stoplight and never get back up. Having someone help you pick up your wheels is the very antithesis of manliness.

And there's more! Here are just a few of the articles I haven't read but fully intend to:

Clip the Tip? Point/Counterpoint on Male Circumcision (Perfect conversation for all those uncomfortable work happy hours with my completely male team.)

Is Manliness Obsolete? (God I hope not, not when I just found out about it!)

How to End a Relationship Like a Man (This will mostly be for entertainment, since the way women end relationships is mostly to cry a lot and then run away. Right?)

I leave you with this, dear readers. The manliest sea shanty ever.


I started my book

I will run as fast as I can to the middle of nowhere