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So.... nine billion years later, here I am.  I could write about my fabulous new responsibilities at work (that have made me too busy to blog), or the changes in the 'code of ethics' that make it not ok for me to blog on my work computer (which has made me kind of scared to blog), or the freakish CO weather (which has made me play outside instead of blogging). However, those are not interesting to me today. What is interesting to me today is the choice of profile pic on facebook.  Specifically, the choice of profile pic made by individuals in relationships.  Let me break it down for you:

After the great facebook cleanse of 2009, I'm down to 134 friends. 

  • 49 are male, 70 are female, and five are of an unspecified canine variety. 
  • Of the men, 15 are single. 
  • Of the women, 15 are single.
  • Of the non-single men, *three are using a profile picture that includes thier significant other.
  • Of the non-single women, 21 are using a profile picture that include thier significant other.


The three things to note? First, why have I not introduced my single male friends to my single female friends? There is some serious karmic messaging in there being 15 of each - i.e. Em, get off your ass and do some matchmaking. 

Second - I lost ten friends somewhere now that I'm counting. Oh well, sure as hell not going to count again. We'll just add them to the 'unspecified' category.

Third - 30% of women in a relationship have thier sig other in thier profile picture, while only 10%* of men do.  

*I'm pretty sure at least two of those men's profiles were written by their girlfriend. So technically there's only one. Which would be 3%. Just sayin.

I'm not going to draw any extra deep conclusions here. I'm inclined to think this is part of the same social phenomonon that led to the bindi and engagement rings.


Yep, shes married.


Yep, shes about to be. Oh wait, maybe not her, but any other woman wearing that ring.

Is it relationship pride? Is it a warning to other men? Is it possibly to appease boyfriends and husbands who think that facebook is but one step removed from online dating? Got me. All I know is that my picture is of me, thank you very much, and is going to stay that way.


The only men in my profile pictures will be tall, strong, handsome, and inanimate.

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