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thoughts while watching 88 Minutes

  1. Who are these little girls and why does this look like it's turning into one of the Japanese horror movie remakes?
  2. OH! There's... um... De Niro? Pacino? What is my damage that I can't remember which is which? Hold on. Ok I googled him, it's Pacino.  I'll never forget again (for the next ten minutes).

    Him at the opening. He looks like crap huh? I guess you have that option as a famous movie star. Even if lil girls like me cant remember which famous movie star you are.

  3. Hmm. Mysterious man on motorcycle staring at Pacino's one night stand through the window. Betting he'll be a recurring character.
  4. Ryan from the OC! Hey baby, how you doin?
  5. Ok, Pacino has 88 minutes to live. Apparently this is going real time at this point. I always hated that about 24, so I'm not sure why I'm signing up for 88 minutes of it... it seems so unrealistic. Like in every given minute something interesting is happening? Bullshit. I have a pretty interesting life and a whole bunch of my minutes are boring. Of course I'm watching movies alone on a Sunday night.. but it's been a big weekend. And blogging IS interesting, damn it.
  6. Whatsername Sobieski is in this too. As is that red headed chick. I had no idea Pacino was of the caliber that put him in movies with a bunch of midlevel midtwenties starlets. I'm a little concerned for him.
  7. It's motorcycle guy again!! I called it. I rock.
  8. "Pull out my risk assessment file. Anyone rating over an 8, fax to my apartment." Why don't I have a risk assessment file? What if I need to know who is a risk to my health? I'm starting one right now. First addition - evil Maida. Sometimes she's good, but when she's bad she comes within a few seconds of poking out my eyes with her puppy paws.
  9. Uh oh. Something happened that just implied Ryan (Mike in this movie) is the bad guy. That's not acceptable. He's still my honeybunny. Whatever it was didn't make sense to me, otherwise I'd explain it. Promise.
  10. Al Pacino is taking this very calmly. If someone was counting down the minutes remaining in my life I would not be all straight-face-sarcastic. I would be all screaming-runnynose-crying-'i love you man'ing.
  11. Whaaa? Two motorcycle men?
  12. DUDE. Do NOT ignore it when your trusty assistant calls you and says she has something important to talk to you about. It will inevitably be plot-critical.
  13. Hmm. I'm getting a little worked up over a silly movie.
  14. Al just TOTALLY used the exploding car as an excuse to feel up Alicia Witt. See?

    Trust me, theres a lot of moving around and caressing and... stuff.

  15. Some super slow flashback thingy just happened where he saw a whole bunch of women in sepia tones. Does that mean he figured something out? I'm so confused. This movie sucks.
  16. The chick he slept with the night before was an escort? Who didn't demand payment? Weak ass escort, if you ask me.
  17. Wait, what? WTF is going on? I'm so over this movie. My plan was to go to 20 though, so I'll have to get a few more comments out of it. Or come up with interesting things from my brain, I guess....
  18. Ooohhh girl on girl lovin with Leelee Sobieski and Amy Brenneman. Private Practice will never look the same. Ok, probably it will, since I'm going to forget this movie roughly fifteen seconds after turning the television off.
  19. Alicia Witt just confessed. But the blond chick confessed first. And Leelee Sobieski is on his most risky list. And Ryan (Mike) is waiting for him in his office. Is it a ginormous conspiracy? Oh. Nope.
  20. Annnnd.... that's 107 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Yep, even the titled sucked.  Still, happy Sunday!

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