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the crown of love

I am having a really, truly, awfully, horribly bad hair day.  I mean AWFUL. 


I have no idea what the problem is. This morning my hair looked cute! At least I thought it did..... now its this horrific combination of flat and staticky and I have no idea what to do with it. Not a clue. 


I realize there is nothing anyone out there can do to help me with this, at least not at this exact second - but this leads towards something I've been thinking about lately. I've been thinking about cutting my hair. More specifically, I've been thinking about what cutting my hair might do for my general attractiveness level.

I have this idea that men like women with long hair more than women with short hair. To some extent that's been validated in my life - but I've also almost always had short hair and have usually had no shortage of suitors (heehee suitors).   I tried to get data to back me up, but that wealth of knowledge (the internet) had very little useful to say. It did have a lot of men saying they like long hair more, but the kind of man that comments on online photos of strange women's hair isn't necessarily my target demographic.

So.... maybe I'll cut all my hair off. Because, in true 'what your momma told you in second grade' style, any man who doesn't like me without my hair isn't worth my time or attention. Of course, when my hair is behaving itself, I kind of like having it around. 

So complicated, my life. Honestly. 

 No, I do not know why her chest says gimps. Cute hair though.

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