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Sunday Best

Don't cuss, people. Seriously. It makes you sound fucking immature. At least that's what McKay Hatch says.  He actually got LA County to declare this upcoming week No Cussing Week.  I'm not kidding. How did he get LA (the land of HOLLYWOOD, for fucks sake?) to declare a week curse word free? Mmmm, I'm betting this awesome video he made.


Heeheeheeheee.  My favorite part is 'if you wanna be my peer, please respect my ears'. Did someone tell this kid that lil white boy rap is the best way to get his point across? Cause that person should be spanked for being mean, and then given a medal for kicking off this video.

Normally this would be one in a list of hilarious things that happened this week.  Hilarious shit did go down, all over the country, of course - it always does. However, I'm going to let this stand alone because it is damn near hysterically funny how journalists and commenters (myself not-so-humbly included) are unable to bring this up without cussing.

WTF! No Cussing in LA

$#$%##! LA County tries for cuss-free week

To Cuss Or Not To Cuss, That Is The Motherf**ckin' Question

If you have a minute, scroll through the comments. I doubt McKay's plan was to encourage people to simultaneously mock his idea and invent new and interesting ways to curse.... but if it was, give the kid a gold star.

*thank goodness I didn't give up cussing for Lent this year!

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