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Sunday Best

There is now a video game about losing your virginity. Two women designed it, and it involves choosing an outfit thats easy to take off, correctly shaving your legs, removing the garlic from your dinner, and not falling off the bed. Awesome. Yeah - this is John Mayer smelling some underwear. That appears to be mens. More power to him - splains why he doesnt think Jennifer Aniston is pretty.

Just, she purdy. I dig her hat. If I were famous this is exactly the kind of hat I would wear.

Jezebel's HILARIOUS take on the recent Men's Health article Sure Signs She's Interested:

"In order to tell if a woman wants you, Men's Health style, you should stroll up to her and ask her the time. If she says, "It's time you get a watch, dude" you stare at her intensely as she attempts to walk away. Then add some flair to your creepy stare with a big ol' wink. When she laughs at your weirdness, look her body up and down. That will make her feel comfortable and not at all freaked out. Then tell her you like her style. If she still doesn't want to sleep with you, have her make a fake gun to point at your face. She'll fall for you in no time, bro. Because what woman doesn't want a winking, fake-gun toting, creepy staring, awkwardly complimenting, guy who looks her body up and down and doesn't wear his own watch? I mean, really."

No jokes. This is just fabulous.

And finally - 18 inches of snow in my front yard. This is mid-snow, when the puppies were still able to brave it.

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