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Now you ask, did she get that girl back?

On the subject of love. I generally try to avoid it as it pertains to me in this blog, for a multitude of reasons. Partially because there is a difference between opinions and emotions. Drr, right? But my opinions are all yours, dear readers. I share them without even being asked. However, I usually keep my feelings a little closer to my chest. They're mine, damn it.

Partially because I feel like it's maybe not as interesting as writing about events. While I personally love to read about other people's feelings, I can't help but feel that mine might not be enough to keep the average reader entranced.

And finally, because it scares the hell out of me. Seriously. Does it ever seem miraculous that two people manage to meet each other and tolerate each other enough to build a relationship?

For me, particularly, that tolerance part is a big one. Not because I have dated intolerable men, but because at some point you get used to classifying things as deal-breakers. Like 'well he's smart and cute but he has funny ears and I bet I can find a cute smart guy with normal ears'. But then the guy with normal ears likes death metal. And then the guy with normal ears who likes indie rock lives with his mom. Etc etc. By then, the guy with the weird ears isn't looking so bad but he got married six months ago. Usually to a chick who looks like this:

I don't know if I just used to be easier to impress or what, because I swear when I was younger this did not happen to me. I would write off faults that any woman in her right mind would have taken note of. So have I become harder to please, or just more aware of myself?

Anyway, the only place I'm going with this is here: what if you meet someone who appears to be faultless, at least in all major categories?  Is it a trick? Are you about to have the rug pulled out from under you in karmic retribution for the ear guy? (Btw, I didn't actually dump someone because of his ears - at least not to my recollection. There was a toe guy....) Oh well.

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