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fame - I'm gonna live forever

So I seem to have developed a regular readership of sorts. I'm not going to show off (the tiniest sprinter might get sad), but I seem to have quite a few people who check in on me at least every couple of days. That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, so if you're one of those people - MUAH to you.

I also seem to have folks who stumble onto me while looking for something entirely different, and that's what I'd like to write about today. Recently the search terms that have been showing up fall into a few distinct categories.


Quite a few in the theme of  'short women's hairstyles'. I also got:

plus size models of short hair styles (I'm not sure where this came from, but wear it proudly, honey)

short hair styles for women over 40 (did I say something that made me sound plus-size and over 40? I'm scrolling and I don't see anything....)

appropriate middle aged cute hair do (This is just getting insulting)


You may remember my short lived inappropriate obsession with breasts - you can imagine what kind of searches those turned up. Also, I talked about Kara Dioguardi a couple of times, and several other celebs have receieved a passing mention. More amusingly, there's also:

steve gadd 50 ways (I have no idea what that means. Who is Steve Gadd? I'm just assuming he's famous, otherwise why would someone google him?)

mckay hatch. masturbates (This is the kid from the no cussing club! Maybe it's just me, but I would think that someone who found cussing offensive would also be against masturbation.)

The inevitable lyrics quotes

I wonder if it makes people sad when they look for Jenny Lewis lyrics and end up here. I like to think they get all excited and jump up and down, personally. What, it could happen.

There are several more categories, but here's the one you really care about.


little old ladies have the best clothes

weird attractiveness

about female masturbation (do I really talk about masturbation a lot? I dont feel like I do. I'll try to keep that in check in the future.)

superwoman all naked (I understand what this person was looking for - what I'm a little confused about is how he (or she, I spose) ended up here. Also, why he felt it was necessary to specify ALL. Doesn't naked sorta mean... naked? Can you be partially naked? Did he search 'superwoman naked' and find pictures of her with her boots still on or something?)

And (drumroll please) my personal favorite....

mongolia fuck

Hahahhahaha. Sorry about that, Mongolia.

hilarity ensues

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