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the ubiquitous facebook note

1) All I want is to make it through today without yelling "STOP ASKING ME" at someone.2) I'm seriously considering getting a new tattoo next weekend. 3) I have been having the nuttiest dreams lately. In the most recent memorable one, I was en route to my wedding. I didn't know my groom or the location of the wedding, but there was a 'running along the top of a train jumping from car to car' scene and a 'bus in a tunnel being chased by a boulder' scene. Also, my tiara was made out of multi-colored pipe cleaners. 5) The longer my hair gets the more I pull it back and the less likely it is to be worth having long hair. 6) My new puppy is named after this really great pastry chef Maida Heatter. I would have named her after Ruth Levy Berenbaum but I didn't necessarily think even a puppy deserved to be saddled with the name Ruth. 7) Maida is mostly potty trained except for the fuzzy rug in my living room, which may or may not remind her of grass. 8 ) I still love Cloey, my first dog, more. 9) I'm starting to wonder if my conviction that I belong in Colorado is actually based on anything. 10) I bought a mood ring while visiting my little brother in Portland this last weekend and lost the color guide, but am still keeping everyone up to date with my current color. Right now I'm a very dark aqua. With sparkles. 11) I haven't read all of everyone else's 25 things yet! 12) I'm going to buy tickets for Bonnaroo and just go on my own, if necessary. 13) Even though Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago" album was written for an Emma that isn't me, I kinda think there might be awesomeness if I meet Justin Vernon at Bonnaroo. That isn't why I'm going. 14) Yesterday in the Portland airport everyone was staring at me. I did not have anything hanging out of my nose or tacked to my back. I was wearing a pink campy hat. 15) I don't ride bicycles except when absolutely necessary, but I feel justified in referring to Campagnolo as campy because my family are all cyclists AND I'm Italian. 16) I think my little brother's girlfriend is a seriously cool chick. 17) I have a blog that gets a ridiculous number of daily hits. I have no idea why. I'm going to post this there though too. 18 ) Everyone at work keeps telling me that I'm a worthwhile addition to the team, but I have no idea if they even know what I'm working on at any given time. 19) I kinda want to do something else with my life. Possibly relocate to Portland and open a coffee/book shop. 20) I just started dating someone who makes me feel all butterflyee, but I have no idea if he likes me at all. Therefore I'm open to meeting someone else too.  21) Sometimes I get uncomfortable around men who I think are attracted to me if I'm not attracted to them. 22) I'm obsessed with window hangings and have added three new ones to my house recently, even though I really only have two windows. 23) If they think about it at all, people usually assume I'm named after Jane Austen's Emma. Really I'm named after Emma Peel from the Avengers - the Diana Rigg one. I'm not tall and I don't generally wear leather catsuits and fight crime, but I still think it's an awesome name. 24) I'm too much of a homebody to ski - it eats your whole day! 25) I firmly object to suntanning.

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