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The Office, Lecture Circuit Parts 1 and 2: "I am single now. What we have here, is the ultimate smackdown between the Nard-Dog and crippling despair, loneliness, and depression. I intend to win." Andy Bernard.

"I want to get that image out of my head. The psychological issues that go behind licking a cat, are not things I want to go into. Also, I'm pretty sure she coughed up a hairball. " Oscar. Yes, yes, Angela was licking her $7000 cat. With her tongue. Which is, I guess, how people generally lick.

"Hey, you know what's even cooler than triceratops? Every other dinosaur that ever existed." Dwight.

Seriously, who writes this shit? This is spit milk out my nose funny.

Valentines Day:

Was not a let down. And resulted in about forty billion cookies. YAY to cookies. YAY to the possibility of something. And most importantly, yay to an excessive amount of pink. Everyone loves pink.



More boobaliciousness (No, I do not know why I'm currently obsessed with women who are better endowed than me):

Three important things to note. 1) JLHs boobs are nuts, 2) the woman on the runway appears to be dressed for a high fashion rocket launch, and 3) PORN STAR MUSTACHE. Thats kind of an inside joke for me at the moment, but its damn funny for you too, right?

Awesome old guys:

I think this is Cheech. Or possibly Chong. Offering the paparazzi a fake joint. Whoop whoop.

 The unthreatening scorpion:


Dexter and ... whatever his fake sister/real wife's name is:

I know they didnt get married this week, but I found out about it this week. Im counting it.

The brontosaurus:

Its been awhile since I learned about the non-existance of the this guy. I was talkin about him last night and now I kinda miss him.

Alan Culpepper and the fate of the free world

read this and die...