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Oh povrecita, tiny little teacup

I've been waiting for the tiniestsprinter to get off his tiny ass and post something about my Portland trip, but since he still hasn't I'll continue along my merry little way. My happiness project is coming along quite nicely. Yesterday I read an article about 'radical honesty', and I'm kinda sorta giving that a try. I'm not sure how much happier it will make me, but since lying (even white lying) stresses me out a lot, I'm betting it will at least contribute.

You know what comes up when you google "lying images"? A lot more naked ladies than I anticipated.

The gist of radical honesty? We waste a ton of brainpower trying to figure out what other people want to hear AND trying to figure out if they're telling us the truth or what they think we want to hear. Doesn't really make sense when you lay it out like that does it?

Turns out this is becoming something of a meme - it's been around for  awhile but is being picked up in various places, including the so-so new Tim Roth show Lie To Me. Since I have never claimed to be cutting edge, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon without shame.

This sexy mug is the only reason I havent already deleted his show from my season pass.

So how is it going thus far, you ask? I'm not sure where exactly to draw the line. I've decided that personally, my radical honesty project does not apply in any situation that would get me fired or arrested. Fortunately neither of those have come up yet,  so I'm still good to go.

That being said, I suck at this. Yesterday when I was reading the article, I thought 'there is no WAY I lie 2-3 times in a ten minute conversation. I must be the most honest person ever!' Yeah, turns out I was conveniently forgetting the conversations I have with, for example, the coworker who will not shut up unless I feign agreement. Or, say, the coworker who thinks that taking his wife to his mothers for Valentines day is an acceptable way is to spend the evening.

I'll keep working on it. Maybe I should plan an interim step of just keeping my mouth shut... Doesn't seem likely.


Later note: I'm now reading an article in Esquire about the concept, and he makes some good and damn funny points. I should mention that to fully commit to radical honesty, there is no filter between brain and mouth - think it, mean it, say it.  However, as the article points out, there's a fine line between radical honesty and creepiness. Or actually no line at all. It's simple logic: Men think about sex every three minutes, as the scientists at Redbook remind us. If you speak whatever's on your mind, you'll be talking about sex every three minutes.

Hahahahahahahahaha and also.... ew.


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