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just shoot me

Remember that television show? Some days, that's what work is really like for me.  Not the whole surrounded-by-comedians-and-models thing ... too bad, actually.  More the whole 'just shoot me' thing. Today, for example:

  • I'm covering for a coworker and while you always think that you've got everything under control, the unexpected always happens. (Hm, that's wise. I should write that down. Oh wait, someone already did.) There's a thingy that needs to be changed and I don't know how to change it and I'm the only one allowed to.... <sigh>.
  • A darling friend of mine apparently put me up for some kind of "women and work/life balance" interview before a dinner we're going to soon. While that would normally thrill me, today it just tires me to think about.
  • I can't seem to eat the right things. You know how sometimes everything you eat gives you exactly the wrong kind of energy? And then I eat sugar so I don't crash... vicious cycle.

Just thinking of these things is kind of making work harder. So I'm going to stop.


(Ok, sometimes work rocks. For example, I just got this IM:

Friend: You know what's weird?

Me: No

Friend: Hermaphrodites


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