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Breck Day 1

We're in breck! Big drama last night ... Apparently, according to the townhome folks, a murphy bed in the living room is a third bedroom. I'm not going to say we were cranky...but there's a slight chance we called the manager and did some whining. We're still in the same place, but the whining made us feel better.

Today, otherwise known as unsophisticated day, has thus been devoted to a drinking tour of Breck. There may be a mardi gras ball later. Oh, and we met a very nice couple from Kentucky- Dexter Brian Patton III and his wife Kim. Dexter is a coal magnate and I considered asking him if he was also a serial killer but refrained. I mean, if he was a serial killer, he probably wouldn't appreciate me drawing attention to it.

Oh! AND Leslie and her sister rented a Hummer. Just doing their part for global warming.

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