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welcome to the north west

I'm in sunny Portland! Minus the sunny, of course. It's been a lovely trip thus far. -Of course I was seated next to the obligatory enormous man on my flight. He was very sweet. When I apologized for squeezing past him with my bags etc, he said "at least you're not my size!" I wasn't really sure what to say to that.

-Was personally picked up at the airport by the tiniest sprinter! In attempting to leave the parking lot, we were detained because we had apparently left our paid parking stub in the machine. To verify that we had in fact paid our three dollars, the parking lot police: •Closed our lane •Took a description of us including which terminal we'd paid at, what we were wearing, who was standing where, what denomination of bill we used, and how long it had taken us to get from the terminal to the exit. (The best part was watching the gatekeeper try to describe us over his walkytalky while we could hear him. He so clearly wanted to say "two tiny adorable people" but wasn't sure how we'd react. He was also thrown by Sam's 34 degree wardrobe choice of a tee, a scarf that I made him, and tiny blue corduroys.) •Located our ticket. •Ran through the security video. •Called the gatekeeper over to verify it was in fact us (a step that would have been unneccesary if he'd described us properly). This netted PDX $3. That we'd already paid. Awesome.

-Paradox Cafe. Mmmm. Jalepeno corn cake.

-I am Louis's favorite person.

-Whiskey and Wii.

That was just the first few hours. Now we're watching Eagle vs. Shark.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

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