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to her cheshire smile I'll stand on file

Tomorrow I leave for Portland to visit the tiniest sprinter. I am VERY excited but also nervous, which will bring me in a round about way to the topic of this post. First, why am I nervous? Well, let's just say I do not fly particularly well. I don't scream or faint or require Valium, at least not to date, but I'm one of the white knuckle deep breath folks. The most pleasant flights that I've had have been those where I'm accompanied by a friend, particularly a friend of the hand-holding and hair-stroking (see: male) variety.

So today, instead of writing about the reasons I'm not happy when miles above the ground in a big metal tube.... I'm going to list things that are better when you have someone to hold your hand.

1. Anything involving doctors, hospitals, or needles. 

2. Waiting for news of a life changing event.

3. Walking to get breakfast on a Sunday morning.

4. Fighting through a crowd at a baseball game.

5. Driving somewhere far away.

6. Sleeping.  If you're not a sleeping hand-holder you probably aren't on board with this, but in my opinion it's the perfect amount of unintrusive contact.

7. Sitting on a park bench in the sunshine.

8. Watching a romantic movie in the movie theater.

9. Riding a Ferris Wheel at night.

10. And of course, waiting to get on a flight, sitting on a plane waiting to take off, taking off, flying, waiting to land, and landing.

welcome to the north west

Sunday Best