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Thank you for participating in our drill. Had this been a real emergency, y'all would have been EATEN.

Today is a snowy Sunday and I am firmly entrenched in home life. It has been a fairly miserable week for me, despite the birthday celebrations it started with.  The miserableness was pretty much entirely my fault.  Y'all may have heard of the whole peanut butter thing that's goin on, huh? Yeah, me too. Which did not in fact stop me from partaking in peanut butter chicken at an 'international buffet' after my indoor skydiving experience.  

Tell me its not a little tempting looking.

In my defense:

a) It looked yummy.  And honestly, it still does - since I ate it a day and a half before it kicked in, I'm having a hard time associating it with my pain and suffering. What I AM associating is 'puppy chow', that chex mix stuff. It was the last thing I ate before... you know, and I can't even think about it without getting a little naseous.

b) I figured everyone had heard about the damn recall! Why, oh why, was a restaurant not aware? Were they just too cheap to toss it? Is it possible the recall didn't cover whatever peanut butter they were using (but clearly should have)?

Still, wiser judgement should have dictated that I forgo the chicken. And my Sunday night - Thursday morning will surely haunt me the next time I'm faced with a similar decision. Those of you who have had salmonella poisoning know what I'm talking about. Those of you who haven't... count your lucky stars.


Salmonella. EW.

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