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Sunday Best


Oatmeal 5k! Love a winter race
Oatmeal 5k! Love a winter race


Other than the Oatmeal 5k (25 minutes, not bad for a January 5k when I'm in marathon training!), I haven't done a lot this week.  Why, you ask? Because, obviously, prime time television is back. I love television so much that I'm going to dedicate the remainder of my Sunday Best post to the best moments from the last week of television.

The Mentalist:

Patrick and Lisbon are developing a real Mulder/Scully or Bones/Booth thing here. I love that whole dynamic and as seen in my best of 2008, adore Patrick Jane.  And Lisbon, man, every time I see her I remember ditching school with my girls to see The Craft when it first opened. We were the only people in the theater and we had an absolutely perfect afternoon - I can't remember how three usually well behaved girls and I decided to blow off school for a movie about teen witches, but I'm sure we had an excuse all ready.  A sample of Patrick and Lisbon's adorable banter:

Patrick is all sad, and Lisbon offers to let him drive to cheer him up.

Patrick: You don't like the way I drive, you despise it.

Teresa: You drive way too fast.

Patrick: I drive just fast enough. You hate not being in control and yet you're willing to overcome your irrational fears to cheer me up. That's a beautiful thing, Lisbon. Thank you, I'd love to drive.

Teresa: Never mind.



Amita and Larry convince Charlie to let his dad in thier think tank. Maybe it's just cause I ran the 5k with my dad yesterday, but I think that's sweet enough for a mention.  Plus, I dig when the new chick says she thinks an escaped con is hot. Hilarious and also true.


Grey's Anatomy:

Derek danced it out.  Cristina called out hot new army doc (what's his name again?) even though last time he showed her the awesome problem solving vent. McSteamy caved. Bailey compromised. Denny still isn't gone even though very clearly Izzie has a brain tumor or something... she must. But I'll take Denny as long as I can get him. It was awesome, all around.

Side note - sometimes when I see Cristina I remember her as Stephanie in Sideways, telling that guy from Wings that she's been naughty and needs a spanking.




The very best show that you are likely not watching. It doesn't have the overt sex of Gossip Girl orthe soap overtones of One Tree Hill. It does have dialogue worthy of the Gilmore Girls, and I wasn't sure I'd ever say that again. In a nutshell, Megan is an aspiring writer who is hired to tutor two exceptionally rich and spoiled twins, Sage and Rose. Of course, hijinks ensue.  Here are but a few samples from last week alone:

Megan: I sustained a head injury trying to whore it up, as per your instructions, and as a head trama victim, I thought it would be appropriate to have supply-room sex with Will.

Marco: Trashy. That's so Grey's of you.

(Note: this makes Megan sound trashy, but the supply room sex is the first sex she has had in all fourteen episodes AND she and will became bf and gf TEN dates prior to this occasion. Just defending my girl's honor.)


In the following two awesome lines, the twins are discussing the onsite chef that Sage is in love with.

Rose: ...He did make you a smoothie, isn't that sweet?

Sage:  He only did it because he had to. It's an obligation smoothie, it wasn't a love smoothie.

Hahahahahah love smoothie. 


Megan, Sage, and Rose. Theyre not indentical twins, obviously.

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