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Come on skinny love, what happened here?

Saturday is my 28th birthday. That's right, I'm now a mere two years from the big 3-0. I have gone through a couple of very short 'what am I doing with my life' periods in the past couple of weeks, but aside from the aforementioned dubious taste in men, I think I'm actually doing pretty well.  Therefore, my birthday is going to be a full week of celebration.  That's right, an entire week - I personally am glad I was born and I believe my friends are too. And if they're not, they better pretend. Wednesday (i.e. today): Started invoking the 'birthday princess rule'.  For those of you who aren't familiar, the rule goes like this: I'm right and I get whatever I want. Simple, easy to follow. Also, had happy hour with some of my darling girls from my old place of work.

Mm hmm. I dont actually have one of these, but if I did Id put it on now and take it off next Tuesday.

Thursday: Dinner with friends from my new place of work.

Friday: Lunch with slightly less good friends from my new place of work.  There's actually a story here, but it makes me sound bratty and as the birthday princess it's my right to not tell it.  Although I kind want to.... ok, I'll tell it.  First it was me and my good buddy. Then it was me and my good buddy and someone I didn't know very well but who seems cool and likes sushi, which was our meal of choice.  Then it was those two and a guy on my team.  Then that guy opened his mouth and now there are like TEN people and one of them's birthday is actually Friday!!! So not fair. He's gonna steal my thunder. Unless of course I bring my birthday princess tiara.

Also, cutting out of work early (shhh, don't tell) and then having a geniune old school sleepover. That's right, my best friend since I was 12 and my newest darlin' friend are coming over and there will be movies, manicures, champagne cocktails, and likely pillow fights in our underwear. No axe murderers though. I'm the birthday princess and I won't allow it.

Ok, these are (obviously) Playboy bunnies. At least I think they are. I would have posted a pic of us but my friends didnt dig the idea of being photographed semi-nude. Neither did their husbands.

Saturday: Indoor skydiving with mom!!

Sunday: Brunch with father and father's girlfriend. Champagne brunch. Bottomless champagne brunch. Yeah, that's how I roll. She's a psychologist prone to asking me questions that make me slightly uncomfortable, but champagne is going to make that quite a bit easier.  Picture this: "Emma, how do you feel about being 28 and single?" Me: "Well, ya know, it's better this way cause nobody cares if I have indiscriminate sex with strangers. I can't be tied down, man".  

*I don't actually have indiscriminate sex with strangers, just fyi. And now that I think about it, she's big in the Boulder feminist community. She may congratulate me if I actually said that.

Monday: Open but I'm sure as hell gonna find something to fill in here.... OH! Lunch with Les! See, she's a gov't employee so she doesn't have to work. Lucky. Aside from the 'government worker' part, of course.

Tuesday.... is this starting to seem a little ridiculous? Well, if I can push it this far I will. Otherwise, I'll fold on Monday. Still, not a bad run.

Now would be when I'm going to talk about gifts, right? However, I have something very specific that I want to talk about on the gift front, and it definitely deserves a post all it's own. Next time, folks. In the meantime, happy birthday to me. For my own personal gift, I'm going to get myself either an espresso machine or the Bon Iver album For Emma, Forever Ago. As far I as I know I never met the songwriter, but a girl can dream.

Kinda love it. Maybe not the most practical, but pretty is important too, right?

Sunday Best

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