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I realize that I promised this post yesterday, but I felt that it was unfair to post a best of 2008 post while still in 2008. What if something incredible had happened or occurred to me last night and I’d left it off? Of course, nothing on this list actually happened or occurred me to last night, but you never know for sure, do you.

 2008 was a fabulous year for me. I got a great new job, I solidified a fantastic new friendship, and I managed to avoid getting into any new personally destructive relationships. Woop woop for me.

 That being said, 2008 was also a fabulous year for the world I live in. I realize that there were downsides, but I’m choosing not to focus on those, obviously. And you’ll notice what isn’t on the list – the arrival of a man who I firmly believe will make a difference both in America and in the world. 


The House Bunny

I’m not kidding about this. I watched it on Christmas day with my mom, and it’s everything everyone loved in Legally Blond, but better. Instead of being a spoiled rich girl, she’s a Playboy bunny. How much more relatable is that? Every girl has, at one time, considered her playboy potential, but very few women are able to picture themselves as spoiled rich girls without a secret sense of pissed off-ed ness. Loved it.



“EvvvvAH.”  “WallEEEEEEEEE.” I cried while he was protecting her from the elements. I cry at most children’s movies, which is why I generally avoid them, but this one was as good as Monster’s Inc. Which as far as I’m concerned is the best animated film of my lifetime. Not kidding.


The Happening

This movie was universally hated, and I can see why. I’m not an overwhelming M. Night fan – I liked The Sixth Sense ok and LOVED Signs, but loathed The Village. Seriously, loathed. The Happening was slow, preachy, and held no surprises at all. And yet, I love it. There’s no accounting for taste. 


How I Met Your Mother

I realize this television show is in it’s 3rd season, but it’s new to me so I’m including it. Plus, I’ve seen them all and it just keeps getting better. Eminently quotable – Legen-wait for it-dary. Also, you put Willow and Wesley in anything and I'm gonna love it.


Fine Lines is essentially a…. so I just typed like ten insulting things and then deleted them because I LOVE it, and I obviously can’t insult myself. In their own words, it’s a site devoted to ‘celebrity, sex, fashion for women’. That doesn’t do it justice though, so check it out.

One of their features is a weekly column called Fine Lines. LOVE it. Lizzie Skurnick reviews the books that all girls of my generation read growing up – summarizes then gives her own thoughts. I have rediscovered many adolescent loves through this column. She’s writing a book, and I am going to buy it. Maybe two copies. And all women I know are getting it as gifts – brace yourselves.

One of my lifelong problems is the fact that I read while doing things that you shouldn’t do while reading. Cooking, walking, cleaning, putting on makeup, etc. I have a very limited capacity for self entertainment, and therefore need input at all times. Example: am watching a movie while I write this. (Friends and Family, hilarious). has allowed me to have books read TO me while I do those things. I will never again poke myself in the eye with a mascara wand because I just HAVE to finish that sentence.


It’s been a weak year for books. Or I haven’t been reading the right ones, I guess. The only book I read this year that I intend to read again is Duma Key. I almost inevitably love Stephen King, but this was above and beyond what I expected. I will reread yearly or more. Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released at the very very end of last year, but I read it this year. So that counts too I think.

Social Phenomenon

Marriage is the social theme of my year. I suppose it has more to do with the fact that I’m 27 than it does with 2008, but still. Yay for all of my lovely friends who tied the knot or celebrated first anniversaries this year. And yay for me for the consumption of champagne and cute boys. That’s how I roll.



Victoria’s Secret Ipex bra

Women make choices every day. Some are ones men are never asked to make: natural or enhanced? Underwire or wireless? I personally lean towards, well, the sports bra.  But…. I’m a cold person. I am always chilly, especially at work. You do the math. And NOW – Ipex is here for me. That’s all I’m sayin.


Lisa Garza

No, she did not win Next Food Network Star. That honor went to Aaron whats-is-name. I do not approve. Lisa is a scary, scary, well dressed woman, and I adore her. We’d be best friends – she’s my particular brand of crazy. Love it. 


Simon Baker


Hello handsome




Sex and Death 101. The Mentalist. Need I say more?

That’s it. Loved 2008. Expect to fully love 2009. Have serious wishes for all of you to love it too. Kisses, Emma

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