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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So I've been impressed with Dove's Real Beauty Campaign.  If you're not familiar, the website is here.  They have a few different commercials.  The most recent shows beautiful women who have to be 50 plus, of different sizes and colors, naked, and says they're too old for an anti-aging ad.  At the end it says 'we're not anti-age, we're pro-age' or something to that effect. Previous commercials have shown younger women of various sizes and colors looking and feeling good.  It's a great series of ads, it really is, and I just read women are approving by buying more - Dove's sales have gone up consistently since the campaign began.

So.... here's my problem.  Dove is a brand of Unilever.  Know what other brands Unilever has?  Ultra Slimfast, for one. Ha.  But the one that really slays me? Axe - the body spray?  Those ads are among the most misogynistic on television right now.  They feature stick thin women, frequently foreign or underage, losing control and dropping their clothes after one sniff of the body spray.  The same company that shows strong, gorgeous, confident women on one channel is showing us as undersized and incapable of speech and self control on another.

I'm not impressed anymore.



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