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Sunday, July 22, 2007 No more Harry Potter.  Brace yourself for a spoiler: he wins.  I know, kind of surprising, but also - what else did you think was going to happen?  In the previous books, I got at least one good cry in each one.  I was a big fan of the major triumphs, like the repeated last minute both house and quidditch defeats of Slytherin.  Definite teary moments there.  Plus, the various very very sad deaths, all of which you can list if you read the books.  However, in this book, I cried roughly every fifteen pages.  Seriously.  It was a GREAT book. Now, rather than continue to talk about the various goodnesses in the book, I will illustrate how distracted the book made me by listing the many silly things I did today. 1) I neglected to eat lunch until my stomach grumbled so loudly it distracted me from the words on the page. 2) My head ached and I needed tylenol.  I bargained with myself for close to an hour, saying I'd get up and get tylenol after two more pages.  No, four more pages.  Ok, three chapters.  I literally had to be lifted off the couch by a visitor before I could rip myself from the pages. and 3) There was a wasp in my room.  Do I know how he got in there? Nope.  Now, I have very specific rules about bug killing, and he'd only broken enough to get himself unceremoniously removed.  I trapped him under a glass, then slid the cover of HP7 over the mouth... then on the way outside I actually tilted the whole contraption so I could read while I descended the stairs.  Picture: very very angry wasp in glass, nothing but cardboard between me and him, and I'm READING while walking downstairs.  A dangerous pursuit at the best of times.

What does all this add up to?  I'm an enormous nerd.  That's it really.  However, irrespective of Harry Potter, this has been an intense day and I'm trying to make what feels like some really big decisions - I kinda wish Dumbledore was around to help me out.  Too bad he's dead.

Buckle up ladies, it's going to be a bumpy ride

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