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London and body image

Friday, January 26, 2007




Madrid and Milan both took a stand on model's body images.  They banned any models who possess a BMI of less than 18, because 18 is the lowest number that is still considered healthy.  And 18 is thiiiiinnnn - you'd have to be 125 pounds at 5'9".  But still, congratulations to those two countries, arguably fashion capitols of the world, for making a move.
America refused to follow in their footsteps.  "It is important as a fashion industry to show our interest and see what we can do because we are in a business of image.  But I feel like we should promote health as a part of beauty rather than setting rules" (president of the American designers council).  They did set some rules - girls under 18 are now supposed to go to fittings during daylight hours, for example.  Yes, because women with smaller bags under their eyes and a BMI of 16 are the very definition of health.
But London - the wusses.  They just announced that they're cracking down.  They're asking designers to only use healthy models.  Mmm hmm, that's the master plan.  "Hey, guys?  Don't use anyone who has, like, an eating disorder, k?"  Brilliant. 


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