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Wednesday, February 26, 2008

Reasons I'm considering becoming a vegetarian:

1) Switching from a meat intensive diet to vegetarianism is the equivalent of switching from driving a Chevy Suburban to a Toyota Camry.  From an energy consuption standpoint, of course, not a straight up pimpin' standpoint.  My diet isn't particularly meat intensive, but I'm thinkin' I might be able to swing the equivalent of a switch from, oh, a big red Toyota truck to a little grey Scion xB, huh?

3) MorningStar Farms Chik'n Patties.  YUM.  Better than the real thing.

4) My dog.  Yes, this is a stretch - but I love her! She has a personality, a life, a story... and maybe a cow would too if I got to know it.

Reasons I'm considering it being a stupid idea:

1) Hamburgers.  Red Robin, Chilis, Southern Sun.... with pineapple and teriyaki, with fried onions and barbeque sauce, with cheddar and tomatoes and lettuce and lots of mayonnaise....

2) Spaghetti Carbonara.  Probably not quite the same with Veggie Bacon.  I mean, I haven't tried and I may, but it seems unlikely.

3) I've never actually met a cow... and probably never will.

That's three reasons against and three reasons for.  Not quite the landslide I was hoping for - but life seems to be like that these days (kisses Hill, I'm still on your side).

Should I give it a week?  Maybe I'll just join the Peace Corps.  You get the moral bonus, the reduced energy consumption, and you still get to eat meat.  It's probably wild boar jerky, but I have no doubt it's delicious none the less.

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