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insert foot in mouth

I am an idiot. Years and years ago, a wonderful friend of mind told me a story about a former love interest of hers. I had just met her and appreciated the story, but clearly didn't focus on specific details. Like, say, the name. Twice previous to tonight I have brought up said story at inopportune times. I will not elucidate on the details because that would likely be a third gaff, but suffice to say that I both looked and felt stupid. How did I feel, you ask? Well, pretend for a moment you brought up the ex-husband of a friend while she was delivering her new baby. And her new husband was in the room. And the baby may in fact belong to the ex, but the new husband doesn't know. That is CLEARLY not what happened, but I'm trying to give a sense of the embarrasment level. Well... tonight I made it worse. Yay me. Imagine adding 'hey that ex hubby of yours was hot, is he seeing anyone?' Again, NOT what I did, but roughly the blush level.  Suffice to say I am currently bright red and considering changing my name and moving to Illinois.

Sunday Best

you guys know how to pole vault?