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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

or - The Aftermath of a Home Invasion.

No, no one broke into my house.  My darling Dawn was here for pre-wedding festivities/sushi/pajama parties/general girly type debauchery.  She was originally planning on bringing her husband-to-be and only staying with me a few days, but for some reason he didn't want to hang out with his fiancee's best friends while they discussed the wedding plans of the 50% of them that are betrothed and had pillow fights in thier underwear.  Who am I to judge?

So it honestly took me a bit to get used to having her here.  I mean, my mornings are about grinding coffee and watching VH1 while I put on my running clothes.  Not exactly sleeping guest friendly.  But now I miss her!! Stupid empty red couch.  So .... what am I doing to entertain myself?

So far:     Contemplating whether or not I can see ghosts.

Do I have any reason to believe I can? Well... no. Unless that guy outside is a ghost. Which he totally could be, since no one but his dog is looking at him right now.  So that's the question, right? Yes, I realize he PROBABLY isn't a ghost.  But how do I know? So now I'm entertaining myself by considering ways of touching a stranger that don't seem completely creepy, just to make sure he's actually there.

(looking for secret messages? get back to work. ok, fine, there is one, but you're probably not going to find it.)

*emmanation note: does it seem like an awful lot of these were posted on the 26th?

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