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Saturday, August 4, 2007  

Popular.  No, not the state of popularity - the television show.  Unfamiliar?  See here. I watched it in college, then my sophomore year they moved it to Friday nights.  Even in engineering school, I did in fact have other things to do Friday nights.    So, I am now netflixing the second season. The first season is all about Sam and Brooke and thier whole dueling click thing.  But NOW in season 2.... it's all about Harrison! First, he gets cancer, then he gets religion, t h e n he gets a bone marrow transplant from Nicole (the high school whore of babylon which every teen show must have).  He comes back to high school all old school Harrison. 

In this episode, he gets evil!  He is wearing black and slicking his hair back and being mean and I totally dig it.  Two episodes I was cryin' cause of the cancer and all, and now I'm... well, I'm a little hot for Harrison.

So of course I wiki'ed him.  His name is Christopher Gorman and he's on Ugly Betty now.... why aren't I watching that show?  Seriously.  He's also married to this girl from the first season of Popular, for which I guess I'm happy... I spose.  Anyway, this is the last season they made the show.  I realize there is going to be a chiffhanger and I'm not sure I'm prepared.

Final thoughts?  Still watching the episode - turns out he's evil cause of the marrow donation.  Evil cells transferred from Nicole to him.  They're going to do an exorcism.  Best. High. School. Drama. Ever.  Except Buffy.

Also.. Mary Cherry.  I can't stop laughing.

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