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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The blizzard of 2006 (or why I love Boulder)


So the cabin fever finally did me in.  I put on some running clothes and climbed over the three foot drift in front of my door.  While on the way to the bike path, Clo and I passed a guy who had a sled full of beer harnessed to his Weimeraner.  The dog was having a great time.
BUT .. when we got to the bike path, it was clear.  Clear as a normal day.  There is so much snow in my parking lot that I can't tell which car is mine, but Boulder has managed to plow 40+ miles of bike path.  There is so much snow that my neighbor (possessing of very cool tattoos) broke his car scraper trying to clean off his car, there is so much snow that my company closed for a whole day during our second busiest time of the year, there is so much snow that all travel has been suspended until Christmas Eve (so I've heard). 

But Boulder Colorado disregarded all of that.  The brave people of the Parks and Rec Department probably cross-country skiied to work, just to clear the bike paths.

Boulder, I love you.













Congratulations Dawn, Emily, Katie!!!
And extra plus congratulations to Derek, Brendan, and Brian, as they are very lucky men.

Also, while I'm really not feeling the whole marriage thing, if someone wants to buy me a pretty ring I'd be ok with that.

And in related notes, this whole blizzard induced house arrest thing is getting old


*emmanation notes: all friends are now happily married. And while there isn't three feet of snow outside, it was -13 when I woke up yesterday. Brrr.


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