I'm Emma. I've been doing this blogging thing since before it became cool ... and now I'm just waiting for it to come around again. It appears to have worked for mom jeans, and I can do anything mom jeans can do. WHAT, I CAN.

A very polite anonymous commenter once said "Your vanity and pretension are so absurdly high that they almost appear scripted. I get that that is somewhat the point of your blog, but I've met you in person and sadly life imitates art way too closely." I'm telling you this just so that if you're new, you know what you're in for, I guess? Also the comment (the whole thing, there were parrraaaagraphs) made me cry, just so you're getting the whole picture.

I have dogs and my life revolves primarily around them. I work as a senior statistician at a data marketing company.  I got married in 2016, I love the mountains and also my couch .. and I'm so very glad you're here.